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Here we will answer the questions most frequently asked by our customers. If you do not find the answers you are looking for, please get in touch using the Formulario de Atención al Cliente.


When will I get my order?

Orders placed after 5:00 pm will be shipped the next day.

We deliver to:

- Spain mainland Peninsula through ASM/GLS: 24 to 48H business (* except products indicated period of 3-5 days).

- Portugal mainland Peninsula through ASM/GLS: 48 to 72H business (* except products indicated period of 3-5 days).

- Ceuta, Melilla and Canary Islands through mails: From 8-15 about business days .

- Balearic Islands through GLS: 48 to 96H business days.

- From 3 to 5 days: Germany, Austria, Belgium, Denmark, France, Holland, Hungary, Italy, UK, Ireland, Luxembourg, Poland, Czech Republic, Romania through Express Mail

- From 6 to 8 days: Norway, Finland, Slovenia, Romania, Lithuania, Latvia, Estonia, Switzerland, Bulgaria through Express Mail

If you do not receive your order within 2 or 3 days after the date of estimated arrival, please get in touch and we will resolve the problem as soon as possible.

If you have any questions, please get in touch with us via Formulario de Atención al Cliente where we will do our best to attend to your needs.

When will I have to pay for my order?

If you choose to pay by credit card, the payment will be made at the time of purchase and the delivery will be set in motion. If you have chosen to pay via bank transfer or PayPal, we will send out your order once payment has been received in the relevant account.

If we have received payment for your order and your purchase is not available, we will get in touch to arrange the best solution for you.


Can I track my order?

When your purchases are ready to be sent we will send an email to inform you that your purchase has been sent. 

You can track your order on our webpage by clicking on Seguimiento de pedidos, where you will be informed that your order is at one of the following stages:

Pending. We are waiting to receive payment (for bank transfers and PayPal).

Being processed. We are preparing your purchase for delivery.

Sent. Your purchase is in the post.

Delivered. Purchase has been received by the customer.

Cancelled. The purchase has been cancelled.

When you make your purchase you will receive an email of confirmation. Every time your order changes you will receive an email notifying you of that change.


 Where do you deliver to?

The whole of Spain, Ceuta, Melilla and the Canary Islands, as well as Portugal (with the exception of the Azores Islands and Madeira), Germany, Austria, Belgium, Denmark, Slovakia, Slovenia, Estonia, Finland, France (with the exception of overseas Departments), Holland, Hungary, Italy, , Ireland, Latvia, Lithuania, Luxembourg, Poland, the Czech Republic, Romania and Sweden.


I live in the Canary Islands. Do you ship there?

When you register with the customer data for shipping to the Canary Islands, Ceuta and Melilla, the prices will be shown without VAT (with decimals) although the text Taxes included does not disappear.

The shipping cost will be displayed in the cart.

The shipment is managed by Correos, with collection at the reference office in your area, where the corresponding IGIC and the Customs tax corresponding to its withdrawal will be paid.

How can I find out the cost of post and packaging?

Shipments to Spain Peninsula in orders under € 50 shipping costs € 8, in orders over € 50 shipping costs are free. If the payment method is cash on delivery, you will always add € 7 to the shipping costs.

Shipments to Portugal (except Azores and Madeira, where it is not shipped) cost € 8.

Deliveries to the Canary Islands, Ceuta and Melilla from 15 € depending on the number of items.

Deliveries to Balearic Islands cost from 15€ except Formentera cost from €25.

Shipments to Germany and France cost € 30 (except overseas islands, where it is not shipped)
Shipments to Italy, Austria, Belgium, Luxembourg, United Kingdom, Netherlands cost € 35
Shipments to Poland, Czech Republic, Denmark, Hungary, Switzerland cost € 45
Shipments to Sweden, Ireland, Slovakia, Slovenia, Romania, Lithuania, Latvia, Estonia, Finland cost € 50
Shipments to Croatia, Serbia, Norway, Bulgaria cost € 60

For orders over €30 to Spain Península, delivery is free.

All products purchased at auction have a specific shipping cost.
Deliveries to Spain (except Canary Islands, Formentera, Ceuta and Melilla) and Portugal (with the exception of the Azores Islands and Madeira, where we do not make deliveries) cost from €11.
Deliveries to the Canary Islands cost from €31.
Deliveries to Formentera cost from €21.


Can I change my delivery address after the order has been placed?

Once we have sent out your order to the address you provided, we cannot change the delivery address.


What happens if my order arrives when no one is in?

If you are not at home at the time of delivery, the delivery man will leave a note for you to get in touch with the postal company and agree on another time. The delivery man will usually get in touch with you beforehand to confirm the delivery. If you are unable to receive your order at the address provided, please give us your address at work, or the address of a friend / family member.

Your order may be returned to us if the delivery man is unable to deliver it to your address. If this occurs, we will get in touch to find out whether you would prefer to receive your order at another address or have it returned.

If within two weeks an order cannot be delivered it will be returned to our premises.

There are several reasons why an order may be returned:

- The address was incorrect.

- No one was able to sign for the order within the given period of two weeks.

- The order was rejected by the customer.


Can my payment address and delivery address be different?

It is possible to send out an order to an address other than the payment address, when for example someone is carrying out an order on behalf of their company. In this case, all required information must be provided at the time of purchase.


Can I cancel my order if it has already been sent?

Once the order has been sent out it cannot be cancelled. To cancel an order before it is sent out, you must get in touch with us on the same day to let us know. We will return the value of your order in full, including the costs of post and packaging.


What happens if something is out of stock?

If a product is not available we will get in touch to find the best solution for you.